• Vivid 90Hz display
  • Extra-long battery life
  • Solid performance


  • Mediocre cameras
  • Thin backplate feels cheap


Operating System Android 10
CPU Qualcom Snapdragon 460
Dimensions 6.5 by 3.0 by 0.3 inches
Where to buy: Amazon
Most popular for its astounding midrange setup, OnePlus is making a sprinkle in the financial plan cell phone market with the OnePlus Nord N100 ($179.99). The N100 is OnePlus’ most economical cell phone to date, and it debuts with a lot of hits and a couple of misses. Its unremarkable cameras and plasticky form disappoint, yet those concessions are normal at this value point. The characteristics that matter most for day-in-day-out use are show, execution, and battery life, and there the N100 doesn’t settle. Among telephones in the sub-$200 value range, this one is a champion.

A Lovely Display

The N100 measures 6.5 by 3.0 by 0.3 inches and weighs 6.6 ounces. It’s a major telephone, however slight and light enough to hold with one hand on long drives.
A 6.5-inch, 1,620-by-720-pixel 90Hz presentation rules the front of the telephone. The screen is brilliant with striking tones and phenomenal survey points. Regardless of its 720p goal, the lucidity on the N100 is surprisingly better compared to on the correspondingly priced Motorola Moto G Play.
On the rear of the telephone, you’ll track down a metallic blue backplate. There’s a slight surface that makes the N100 simpler to hold, yet it rapidly gathers smears. The plastic feels extremely flimsy and produces an empty crash when tapped.
In the upper left corner, you’ll track down a rectangular camera module. The unique mark sensor, focused in the upper third of the backplate over the silver OnePlus logo, is not difficult to reach and responsive.
The highest point of the N100 is uncovered; an earphone jack, a USB-C charging port, and a speaker grille sit on the base. On the left side, you’ll discover a volume rocker and SIM/microSD space. The privilege is home to the Power button. Indeed, even with little hands, the catches are not difficult to reach and snap pleasantly when tapped.
Sturdiness is the thing that you’d expect for a spending telephone. There’s no IP rating, which means any coincidental drops in the sink will likely end in tears. The plastic edge and backplate should climate minor drops and dings fine and dandy, yet the Gorilla Glass 3 presentation is probably not going to passage too.

Fresh and Clear Calls

OnePlus sells the N100 opened, yet it just chips away at AT&T and T-Mobile’s organizations (which implies it will work for MVNOs that use either transporter to convey administration). Groups 66 and 71 are ready for improved organization network. Both AT&T and T-Mobile use band 66 in urban communities and rural territories to improve rates, and T-Mobile depends on band 71 to improve inclusion to rustic regions.
We tried the telephone on T-Mobile’s LTE network in Chicago and recorded great outcomes. Velocities found the middle value of 78.2Mbps down and 38.8Mbps up. In case you’re not around there, nonetheless, your situation will be unique.
Call quality is additionally a success. Our test calls were fresh and clear, and commotion wiping out worked consummately. The 86dB-greatest volume earpiece was likewise boisterous enough to hear on a bustling road.
The N100’s sound system speakers shockingly dominate those on the more expensive OnePlus Nord N10 5G. Greatest volume times in at 88dB, which is adequately noisy to occupy a room. As on most cell phones, lows are non-existent. Mids are somewhat pushed forward, however not as forcefully as we’ve seen on the G Play and N10. The sound is as yet square shaped and there’s some twisting at higher frequencies, yet it sounds very useful for a spending telephone.
Double band Wi-Fi is ready, as is Bluetooth 5.0 for wearable availability, however there’s no NFC for versatile installments or tickets.

No Battery Top-Offs Needed

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 chipset and 4GB of RAM power the N100. There’s 64GB of installed stockpiling, with about 46GB accessible out of the crate. A microSD space makes it simple to add extra stockpiling.
On the equipment front, the N100 enjoys a reasonable upper hand over the Moto G Play. Both have a similar Snapdragon 460 processor, however the Motorola telephone just has 3G of RAM and a large portion of the extra room.
Execution is strong at the cost. The N100 handles fundamental undertakings, for example, web perusing and streaming Netflix easily. There’s a slight slack when opening applications or utilizing the console, however it’s not in any manner vexatious.
Gaming is essentially a misfortune. Without a doubt, you can in fact run processor escalated games like Alto’s Odyssey or PUBG Mobile, yet you’ll see it pretty baffling. We played both for a couple of hours and experienced long burden times and skipped outlines. In case you’re searching for a generally economical gaming telephone, the Google Pixel 4a is your smartest option.
On Geekbench 5, a benchmarking test that measures crude figuring power, the N100 scored 278 single-center (SC) and 1,294 multi-center (MC). For the wellbeing of correlation, the G Play scored 255 SC and 1,269 MC on a similar test. The contrasts between the two telephones are minor to the point that it’s impossible you’d notice any distinction with ordinary use.
Like the G Play, the N100 packs a 5,000mAh battery for a lot of on-screen time. In our battery channel test, which transfers HD video over Wi-Fi at full splendor, the N100 squeezed out 15 hours prior to shutting down. That falls over four hours behind the G Play (18 hours, 42 minutes), however you’ll in any case have no issue making it an entire day between charges. At the point when you do have to control up, there’s a 18W quick charging connector in the crate.

Lackluster Lenses

The back camera module has a 13MP wide-point focal point with a f/2.2 gap, and 2MP profundity and full scale sensors with f/2.4 openings. On the front, you’ll track down a 8MP focal point with a f/2.0 opening.
With great light, the N100 makes a fair effort. The greater part of our test shots had strong profundity of field and great shading precision. Clearness was acceptable in the forefront, however foundations looked delicate. Low-light photographs showed up level with obscuring all through and huge clamor.
The full scale focal point is, obviously, terrible. Our test shots were consistently level and delicate. That has been our involvement in most cell phone full scale focal points, so we can’t ding a $180 telephone excessively hard for this.
The forward looking camera works really hard in great light. Photographs were fresh and distinct, with common profundity of field. Low-light photographs, then again, are a misfortune. Our test shots were sloppy, level, and loaded with commotion.
The N100 comes up short on a Night mode and some different highlights you’ll discover on the more costly N10, yet it has a profundity sensor for Portrait mode. In our tests, the profundity sensor made a characteristic bokeh, however we saw a few issues with object planning around the shoulders. The selfie camera is likewise able to do great representations, however in the event that you look carefully, you’ll see some article planning glitches there also.
For a spending telephone, the back camera proceeds just as we’d anticipate. In case you’re a more genuine shutterbug update and will pay a premium for better cameras, the Google Pixel 4a is the best approach.

Oxygen OS Makes Android Shine

It’s difficult to get amped up for a telephone that ships with Android 10 in 2021, yet Oxygen OS unquestionably gets an excited reaction. For the unenlightened, OnePlus’ custom skin makes Android more helpful and exquisite without overloading it with loads of superfluous applications.
The interface gives various customization alternatives, an improved Quick Settings menu, and a couple applications (like Gallery and File Manager) that give Android’s investment opportunities a run for their cash. There’s additionally Zen mode, which permits you to back off by locking your telephone and impairing warnings for a foreordained measure of time, and Reading mode, which gives you the choice of restraining the showcase’s tones or changing to grayscale for more eye-accommodating perusing.
An Android 11 upgrade is likely to work out for the N100 sooner or later, however extra updates are not ensured. It’s frustrating to see OnePlus not offer a similar hearty programming update programs you’ll discover on Android One phones or the greater part of Samsung’s Galaxy An arrangement, however it’s to be expected.

Spending Phone Shoppers, Rejoice

The OnePlus Nord N100 hits a frantically required sweet spot for spending telephone customers. It dazzles with strong execution, a splendid and clear presentation, and long battery life. On the other side, its cameras are unremarkable, LTE band backing could be better, and the slender plastic backplate feels modest.
In case you’re willing to spend up to $300, go for the OnePlus Nord N10 5G (our Editors’ Choice champ for spending telephones), a considerably more competent alternative with 5G. In any case, the N100 helpfully dominates the Moto G Play and each and every other US telephone that sells for under $200.

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