Product Description :

Price: $180.00

  • Brand : TCL
  • Color : Mariana Blue
  • Memory Storage : 64 GB
  • Operating System : Android 10.0
  • Screen : 6.53 Inches
  • Display : LCD
  • Technology : 4G
  • Camera : Rear, Front
  • Charging port : Type-C
  • Product : 6.38 x 2.98 x 0.33 inches
  • ASIN : B087LYQ22N
  • Weight : 6.4 ounces


  • Great execution 
  • Fresh LCD 
  • Guaranteed Android 11 update 


  • Scratches without any problem 
  • Helpless sound quality 
  • Unattractive camera knock


The TCL 10L is a nice all-around phone at a spending cost, with a decent camera group that can take great photos. The screen is unfathomable for playing media, and the speaker sound isn’t horrendous, either, making it an exceptional handset for watching shows or gaming. While there are some presentation hiccups, and keeping in mind that the gadget has somewhat less clean than telephones from brands who have been in the game longer, the 10L’s worth is clear, and it’s a welcome new competitor in the financial plan (yet not deal) space.

Two-minute review

The TCL 10L may not be the organization’s gem – that is the TCL 10 Pro – however it is a significant venturing stone in TCL’s offered to advance from just hesitating in cell phones to battling with the set up brands. 

TCL has sold modest telephones through its sub-image Alcatel for quite a long time, yet it’s at last putting its name on a scope of mid-and great handsets. The TCL 10L is the middleground between the Alcatel handsets and the 10 Pro assertion telephone, a workhorse that could wind up in more hands naturally of being more reasonable. 

Modest telephones in 2020 accompany more highlights, better cameras and a more prominent degree of clean than in earlier years – and the 10L is no exemption, in spite of being pretty much an introduction exertion for TCL. 

The 6.53-inch show is the telephone’s champion element – it’s a LCD screen that offers punchier colors, preferable difference and more keen detail over some OLED cell phone screens we’ve seen. With a poke hole for the selfie camera and slight bezels, the front of the telephone looks smooth, with a dash of lead clean, and the mix of the screen, an amazing (however lone) speaker, and 3.5mm earphone jack, makes this an incredible gadget for burning-through media. 

The cameras are the other feature here, with three back cameras in addition to a profundity sensor making for a strong cluster, in any event on paper. There’s a 48MP fundamental shooter fit for shooting 4K video at 30fps, joined by a 8MP ultrawide focal point and a 2MP large scale camera for very close shots. A 16MP forward looking shooter balances the bundle. 

TCL has added its own contacts here, with advantages like two camera streaks (which additionally gives you a spotlight more splendid than on some other telephone we attempted) and a limit battery-saving mode. There’s even a totally adjustable capacity button on the left of the telephone that you can set as an easy route to whatever you want, be it turning on the electric lamp or turning on split screen to utilize two applications without a moment’s delay. 

The slices needed to come some place, nonetheless, and on account of the 10L, they’re for the most part in the exhibition. A product update has fixed a portion of the telephone’s looseness, however there are still a few idiosyncrasies to resolve. Regardless of whether it’s the Snapdragon 665 chipset or just TCL getting acquainted with cell phones, the gadget isn’t exactly pretty much as cleaned as its rivals. 

Through and through, the TCL 10L is a decent incentive at the cost, however it faces solid rivalry in a year when so many spending telephones are dispatching with improved plans and camera clusters. In any case, it merits considering in case you’re searching for a less expensive telephone on which you intend to devour a ton of media.


As one of the main telephones TCL has delivered, it’s ideal to see that the TCL 10L looks better caliber than numerous other also evaluated handsets. Its 6.53-inch screen is huge for a spending telephone, yet the bezels are really flimsy, and the poke hole lodging the selfie focal point in the upper left corner is unassumingly little. At 8.4mm thick and 180g, it’s somewhat lighter and more slender than similar spending telephones like the 9.2mm thick and 192g Moto G Stylus. 

The telephone feels smooth, with an aluminum outline and a thick plastic back cover that feels less modest than those on other spending telephones, all shrouded in a lustrous completion. On the back there’s a little TCL logo in the center, a square unique mark sensor above it (which functions admirably enough), and towards the top, the camera block. 

This square contains the three cameras and the profundity sensor, flanked by a couple of glimmers. Most telephones have only one, yet TCL has included two here, to deliver all the more in any event, lighting when taking photographs with streak – and, as referenced, both turn on when you actuate the spotlight, which really creates more brilliant brightening than some other telephone in our present revolution . 

The remainder of the plan is genuinely careless, with a USB-C port at the base and the single speaker to one side of this, which can siphon out good solid, in spite of the fact that there’s no way to avoid its mono-directional limits – even some other spending telephones, for example, the Moto G8 Power, have a subsequent speaker close to the top (normally in the earpiece) for sound system sound, which the TCL 10L can’t exactly mirror. At any rate it has a 3.5mm earphone jack at the top for the individuals who like to utilize wired earphones for tuning in to films or for gaming. 

On the correct side are the volume rocker and the force/lock button. On the left side is the SIM and microSD opening alongside the previously mentioned alternate way button – TCL calls this the Smart Key, and you can arrange it to perform custom activities with single, twofold, and long-presses – for instance rapidly dispatching the camera or turning on the spotlight


As referenced, the presentation is another strength of the TCL 10L, which shouldn’t be amazing given that the brand is known for its TV screens and screens, however it’s ideal to see that mastery applied to a lot more modest showcase. The huge 6.53-inch LCD screen has a Full HD+ (2340 x 1080) goal. 

Basically, it’s the best LCD we’ve found in a time of solid spending competitors. The Moto G8 line increased its goal from HD to Full HD, for example, yet in one next to the other testing watching 4K video, the TCL 10L edges out it and different adversaries with a more honed picture. 

This is particularly evident free subtleties the TCL 10L renders in shadows and other dull regions, which is something that OLED shows ordinarily show improvement over LCD screens. OLED screens additionally will in general have a greenish tone, driving us to favor the 10L’s showcase significantly ludicrous 10 Pro’s OLED board when watching the equivalent media, for its all the more consistent with life shading range. 

The 10L does not have its pricier kin’s in-screen finger impression sensor, be that as it may, expecting clients to depend on the more conventional scanner on the telephone’s back. On the in addition to side, the unassumingly measured poke hole for the selfie camera is, as we would see it, less prominent than an indent (like the one on the TCL 10 Pro), and is a for the most part more tasteful looking arrangement.


The TCL 10L packs a noteworthy cluster of cameras for a spending telephone: between the 48MP principle shooter, 8MP ultrawide focal point, and 2MP full scale focal point (in addition to a 2MP profundity sensor.) and the 16MP forward looking camera, the 10L has a wide-running and flexible suite. 

You may miss having a zooming focal point, however the high goal of that principle camera takes into consideration a fair level of computerized zoom. The profundity sensor works really hard of adding obscure to photographs, in spite of the fact that we speculate the product is doing a portion of the truly difficult work, as well, as the forward looking camera pulls off some great picture impacts without one. 

In the event that the camera exhibit has a shortcoming, it’s the full scale camera – in spite of the fact that we’ve battled to catch great close-up photographs with the full scale focal points on different telephones that have come out this year. For standard snaps, the telephone’s principle camera progresses admirably, despite the fact that you’ll need to choose ‘High Pixel’ mode to shoot photographs at 48MP settings (the default is 12MP). 

The 10L isn’t too decrepit with regards to night photography, given there’s probably some light. It’s a disgrace the telephone doesn’t get the pricer TCL 10 Pro’s ‘Super Night’ mode, however: without a committed night mode, the 10L is altogether dependent on outer enlightenment, and keeping in mind that its double back streaks do give much more light than those on different telephones, and can project it further (15-20 feet rather than the more normal 5-10), the camera programming doesn’t combine the regions it enlightens with foundation dimness that well. What’s lit up by the blaze comes out obviously, yet everything past that is lost in shadow. Conversely, since you can’t adjust the blazes’ brilliance, you may need to keep a little distance to guarantee you’re not over-uncovering your subjects. 

The 16MP forward looking camera is sufficient, catching good tones and difference however neglecting to select a portion of the better subtleties of hair and wrinkles, or detail in shadows, that other telephones’ selfie cameras can catch. Yet, as referenced, even without a profundity sensor the 10L’s selfie camera oversees good profundity impacts that look cleaner than other spending telephones’ forward looking shots, which will in general create veiling Eros .


The TCL 10L packs a Snapdragon 665 chipset and 6GB of RAM, a combo that we found was to deal with everything from exceptional gaming to media observing sensibly well. We experienced some stoppage at first, encountering slight however perceptible deferrals among info and reaction while swiping around the interface. 

A product update seemed to fix the issue, in spite of the fact that we actually experience some infrequent exhibition hiccups – for example during long distance race meetings of Call of Duty: Mobile when the telephone warmed up perceptibly. 

We’d credit this to the 10L being one of the first telephones TCL has delivered in quite a while new reach – or, given its involvement in the spending plan Alcatel line, one of the principal telephones that is needed to perform over the level of those modest handsets. 

The 10L is running Android 10, which carries Dark mode and different updates with it. 

The Android overlay TCL has formed is quite simple, with an application plate partitioned into about six general classes. It incorporates some convenient progressed settings, similar to warning impeding driving and gaming modes, just as the previously mentioned capacity to redo alternate routes for the Smart Key on the left half of the telephone. 

With 64GB of capacity, the TCL 10L has somewhat of an edge over other spending telephones that start at 32GB, yet in the event that that is excessively pitiful for people who take masses of photographs or download heaps of applications, the capacity is expandable by up to 256GB by means of microSD card.


The TCL 10L packs a 4,000mAh battery, a welcome limit with respect to a spending telephone. We tracked down that this easily controlled the telephone for longer than a day with regular use, however graphically-serious exercises like gaming or gorging media depleted it quicker. 

On the off chance that you need to broaden the battery life, the telephone has a standard Android battery saver mode, open in the alternate route menu, which darkens the screen and decreases foundation measures. TCL additionally gives a Super Saver mode, which switches the home screen foundation to unadulterated dark and limits you to only a couple usable applications to keep your telephone going for as far as might be feasible – this mode must be gotten to by going to Settings > Smart Manager > Battery. 

The TCL 10L accompanies a 18W charger, which is functional, however not fast: it re-energized around 26% battery after 30min of charge.

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